Be thankful for a new day:- Every new day promises of new opportunities and new feelings.

Avoid the phone:- when our eyes are still closed in the mornings, we reach out for the phone. This pattern of waking up can damage our mood and positivity.

Give your body the boost:- It is essential to hydrate the body in the morning after sleeping for hours.

Get up before your set time:- Rather than napping your caution over and again, attempt to awaken no less than 15-20 minutes sooner than arranged.

Exercises:- Exercising should be an essential part of the morning routine.

Plan your day the night before:- Having a plan helps make your day more productive! rather than planning in the morning, do it the night before.

Morning breakfast:- Prepare a delicious breakfast as a treat to yourself in the morning. Load up on some proteins, vitamins, and minerals

positivity:- Listen to some positive music, shake a leg, paint, play with your pets, read a book – do what brings positivity to you.

Morning bath:- Hopping into the shower in the morning relaxes the body and the mind.

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