At the point when the James Webb Space Telescope sent off on Christmas Day, space fans hopped

on board the Just-Launched-Telescope rollercoaster, pausing their breathing alongside the world's cosmologists.

Following quite a while of arranging, designing, dabbling, sending off... at long last, Webb was headed to space.

Yet, the send off was only the start. This $10 billion machine would need to unfurl and afterward get past long

stretches of testing and checkpointing. The chances appeared, on paper, practically inconceivable. Be that as it may,

Webb is no problem at all (other than a minuscule ding from a micrometeorite) and it has been projecting its strong eye across the universe.

On Monday, President Joe Biden will be close by as NASA delivers the first of a few logical pictures taken by the gold-plated,

exoplanet-hunting, stardust-penetrating, dark opening looking for JWST. This is the way you can track.