San Antonio: Victims have been found with no distinguishing proof reports by any means and in one case a taken ID.

Far off towns need telephone administration to arrive at relatives and decide the whereabouts of missing travelers.

Over a day after the revelation of 51 dead travelers in a smothering trailer in San Antonio, hardly any personalities of the casualties have been unveiled

showing the difficulties specialists face in following individuals who cross boundaries secretly.

By Tuesday evening, clinical analysts had possibly distinguished 34 of the people in question, said Bexar County Commissioner Rebeca Clay-Flores,

who addresses the locale where the truck was deserted. Those personalities were not yet affirmed forthcoming extra advances, like fingerprints

The bodies were found Monday evening on the edges of San Antonio in what is accepted to be the country's deadliest pirating episode on the U.S.

- Mexico line. In excess of twelve individuals were taken to clinics, including four kids. Three individuals have been captured.

The misfortune happened when gigantic quantities of transients have been coming to the U.S