WWE CEO Vince McMohan paid Rs 23 crore to employee to hide sex affair: Report

WWE CEO Vince McMohan paid Rs 23 crore to employee to hide sex affair: Report


WWE CEO Vince McMahon is under fire as company’s board is investigatng a secret Rs 23 crore settlement between him and a former female employee over an alleged affair. As per a report in The Wall Street Journal, the former employee signed an agreement with McMohan after which she would not speak or dislcose details about her affair with the WWE CEO. It means MacMohan paid the former employee to keep their relationship a secret. The report also states that McMohan had hired the said employee on a salary of $100,000 and then gave hundred percent raise after their alleged sexual affair started. 

Not to forger, board’s investigation, which began in April this year, has unearthed other older nondisclosur agreements that involve claims by former women employees of misconduct by McMohan and another WWE executive who goes by the name of John Laurinaitis, who happens to be the head of talent relations at the company. 

A WWE spokesman, who spoke WSJ, said that the company is cooperating with the board inquiry. The spokesperson also said that the alleged relationship between McMohan and the former employee was consensual. The person further said that that the company is taking the allegations seriously and is dealing with them appropriately.

WWE is a universial brand, that has a massive fan following in India as well and Vince McMohan is not an unknown entity to many fans here as he has made several appearances in the ring himself. McMahon had bought the then-World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from his father, Vincent J. McMahon, in 1982. He then turned it into a into a massive global wrestling and media conglomerate. WWE has produced some of the biggest incons like the The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, The Undertaker and Triple H. As per a report in WSJ, the WWE earned a massive $1.1 billion last year and recoded a net income of $180.4 million. The most of its revenues come from selling content rights all over the world. 


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